Rade Vujisic

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Pot marigold fading by the wintry waters

“Language itself is a parent to a nation. As long as a language lives, as we care for it and respect it, speak it and write it; purify, enrich and adorn it, it continues to exist in the nation, provides us communication and finds its equivalent in another language in order not to vanish.” These are words of Vuk Stefanović Karadzić.
Our language and ethnic treasure chest are also containing a black pearl of ly
ric folk poems that Rade Vujisić collected over years and now is publishing. They are a sparkle of life time, spiritual unity and our joint reminiscence.
Realizing the significance of folk production and its role in our cultural treasure and culture itself and working
hardly over years, Rade Vujisić succeeded in preserving thins collection of lyric folk poems. These poems were collected in areas around Mojkovac and Kolašin, on the mountains Durmitor, Sinjajevina, Komovi, Golija and in Gornja(i.e. Upper) and Donja(i.e. Lower) Morača and Rovci but also in other areas of Montenegro, always led by his refined sense of recognizing marvels and lyric sparkles.
We are deliberating folk pearls that shimmer with an exquisite glow here and at the same time they represent unceasing stimulus.
This diligent collector of our national treasure has assembled not only our folk poems, but also novels, riddles, anecdotes and sayings which all together have priceless significance for complete research and full understanding of our folk assemble. This book is witnessing that folk spring is ceaseless and still spawns the joy of life.

Letter after letter and verse by verse Rade Vujisić was putting together numerous stories and novels publishing them in various newspapers, magazines and anthologies concerning newer supplements of folk creations.
Montenegro was not lacking neither oral folk creations nor collectors. Amo
ng these collectors Rade Vujisić has a very important role. Poems he put together in this book glow with maiden beauty, youth call and sadness over brevity of life. Their distinguishing features are desire, serenity but also sadness. Most of them are written in octosyllabic verse which makes them suitable for singing . Rade Vujisić did an excellent job. Era of oral folk creations is slowly vanishing but poems he collected show us that there is still plenty to hear and put down to paper. He publishes dozens of poems never heard before, and this fact will make reader’s curiosity stronger and save them from oblivion’s strong embrace. This is why we think that Rade Vujisić’s book will be of interest for those who respect and research folk poetry.

Rade Vujisic

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