Rade Vujisic

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Vujisic brotherhood

Exactly. It was our obligation and our wish to write a book about our family and to do so we had to gain lots of strength and dedicate ourselves in our free time to this demanding task. We had to collect the necessary material to “build” a book that would correspond to our lineage . We started a long journey and took an enormous bite in our search for antiquities that were forgotten and melted in time for more than 400 years.
Long time ago, in
1574 our first ancestor Bogić arrived to Morača and settled down in Petrova Dolina ( i.e. Peters Valley) . Also, long time ago, our ancestor Dobrija died defending Morača Monastery from Turks. Indeed, all of this took place long , long time ago! We had to dig for a while in order to bring to surface the memories of our older relatives, we had to go through written testimonies and put together everything we found in order to follow the right road and find proofs to enlighten the truth as much as we could and to use our research to stop their fading, to clear the road for the truth about our brotherhood , its roots, development, migration and life . We think our research was successful. We managed to connect the ends of a web broken and lost with our ancestors, to discover facts that are more than two centuries old and to “steal” this enormous “treasure” in the very last moment.

Furthest we could go was 19 century i.e. 1809, the year when heroes from Moraca met Karadjordje on Sjenička and Pešterska Visoravan ( i.e. Sjenica and Pešter Plateau). This meeting brought fame to them and to their descendants. It was our pleasure to look for wise people that remember these stories to reveal them and tell us something more because there were only few of them left. Thanks to them and to some written material we collected, we managed to preserve two centuries of past life in this area. Still, no matter how hard we tried to find all the stories that were consigned from one generation to another, we could not rely to many versions.
That was the reason why we decided to go from one house to another and to speak in person to everybody and to tell them story about ourselves and our family. We declare with pleasure that the idea of writing this book found great understanding and support and was adopted with pleasure making all our cousins want to help providing necessary data.
Only few of them were a bit slower, mostly younger family members. We did our best not to forget the finest detail concerning our life and tradition and we paid attention to it. With great respect they told stories about our warriors , soldiers, officers, king’s noble guards and about other notable personalities, educated people and working class as well. We wanted to tell everybody’s story in the same manner and using same words; stories about our relatives that lost their lives in wars and battles with Turks, as well as about the ones died in two Balkan wars and World War I and II, putting aside politics. We are fond of all of them, they are our blood and our soul. We didn’t forget neither our relatives that lost their lives in Goli Otok nor youngest victims of the War 1991-1992. Let their names be said with glory.
We would be happy if this book would serve as a base for new researches to our descendants if they decide to expand the knowledge about our brotherhood in newer editions . We would like to say special thanks to our dear relatives that have helped us unselfishly while collecting the material for the Genealogy.
Among them are: Vidosava Vujisić-Šekularac , Radomir Šujov, Veljko and Dragomir Ivanov, Milutin Vojisavljev, Milivoje Mirkov, Dušan Jevremov, Radojica Novičin, Slobodan Ljubov and many others. We would be happiest if with this book we managed to save from oblivion what should not be forgotten by any means: the story about us and our ancestotrs. That would be our most precious gift for the ones yet to come and a thank you note to our ancestors. These lines we will finish with a message: “ Carry on where I have stopped!” .

Rade Vujisic

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